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Guitar Hero - Van Halen

clock August 8, 2009 02:58 by author Master D. Homie

So COOL! Comes out December 22nd, 2009

http://vanhalen.guitarhero.com/ – View the Set List

Watch the trailer in HD below!

You’re Kidding … Right??

clock March 28, 2009 12:46 by author Master D. Homie

Zune is 2½ years old and doesn’t work with Windows Media Player? OMG Why!? The Zune software is terrible! You cannot search for songs by folder. This is what you call “Seamless Computing”, which William Henry Gates III has been talking about forever. Is this an anti-trust “hot spot” or something? I say “This is just dumb”.


clock February 19, 2009 23:29 by author Master D. Homie

Check 'em out at chickenfoot.us

Sammy wasn't my favorite, but this sounds good!