The thermometer says it’s 90° outside. So I decided to stay inside under the ceiling fan ALL weekend and continue a movie watching spree some friends and I started LATE Friday night. We all watched I Am Legend and Blood Diamond until 3:30AM Saturday. I then continued the spree after I woke up Saturday afternoon around 12:30PM. I was all set to watch Déjà vu and saw the preview for The Prestige. It looked more interesting so I started with that. After The Prestige I watched Déjà vu, The Punisher, Shooter, The Guardian, and then went to bed again. I started Man On Fire Sunday morning after waking up and have now decided to end the spree. In total, I watched 1032 minutes (17.2hrs) of glorious Blu-ray 1080p this weekend. I slept for 16.5hrs (so far). There are 7hrs missing in the accounting of my two days, but I’m sure taking a shower, eating, watching a thunderstorm, and playing Scrabble on the DS is where I’ll find it.