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Wii & Obesity

clock November 1, 2008 00:25 by author Master D. Homie
We obtained the Nintendo Wii game called Wii Fit today and it said I am obese. Not that I didn't already know this, but I thought it was funny that the machine shows you "visually" that you're a fat ass! You tell this thing your height and it already knows your weight, then.... it "adjusts" your Mii character's shape to more accurately reflect your size. It even makes an enlarging sound as it inflates your character! I have a Wii Fit Age of 42. I have used this thing for a total of 12 minutes and found it very intriguing. The Balance Board is very sensitive and accurate. I played a downhill skiing thing and it took me about 8 times just to make it down the hill without losing my balance and falling off the board. Maybe I was trying too hard.

RAM Acquired!!!

clock October 15, 2008 20:50 by author Master D. Homie
I now have all the components necessary to build/rebuild my personal computer! When I'm done with the upgrade I will try to post pictures in the photo gallery that doesn't exist yet.

A Step Closer

clock October 12, 2008 11:14 by author Master D. Homie

I'm attempting to blog about something of interest each week, but last weekend I was participating in SMB Nation at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle. I even got to stay at the Camlin which was really nice. This weekend was my oldest daughter's 14th birthday. She had several friends over for the night and they all behaved rather well. The family was over for a small party (with no cake and ice-cream...we suck... but I did BBQ steak and make corn-on-the-cob). So....New Intel DP45SG motherboard acquired. Found out I need DDR3 memory so I'm still waiting for that to arrive. ANXIOUS! I have not put together a "new" computer in a long time! I will purchase a new video card before Rage comes to market... which might be long into the future.

New Computer Time...Sort of

clock October 2, 2008 00:39 by author Master D. Homie
Today I received a new processor that I won from an Intel promotion! It's a Core™2 Duo E8400 (3GHz. & 6MB Cache, 1333MHz FSB, 45nm). Now I just need a new motherboard to complete the (new) part of my computer :)  I can use the "old" RAM/HDD/DVD/CHASSIS. Then to install the "old" motherboard & processor in the wife's computer.....